filmoplast T

Features / Product Properties

  • 240 μm acid-free rayon staple tissue tape
  • available in eight colours
  • dyed with natural colours
  • colour chart on request

Fields of application: Covering or repairing stitched book block spines (backlining), laminating book covers or complete books. filmoplast® T is used to strengthen the first and last sheet in the fold when hand stitching. Reverse-side strengthening of maps and plans, or dust-free sealing in the sector of picture framing.


2540410m x 3cmYellow
2538410m x 3cmRed
2538310m x 3cmBlue
2538510m x 3cmGreen
2546410m x 3cmBrown
2538810m x 3cmGrey
2538710m x 3cmWhite
2538610m x 3cmBlack
2540510m x 5cmYellow
2539110m x 5cmRed
2539010m x 5cmBlue
2539210m x 5cmGreen
2546510m x 5cmBrown
2539510m x 5cmGrey
2539410m x 5cmWhite
2539310m x 5cmBlack
2540610m x 8cmYellow
2539810m x 8cmRed
2539710m x 8cmBlue
2539910m x 8cmGreen
2546610m x 8cmBrown
2540210m x 8cmGrey
2540110m x 8cmWhite
2540010m x 8cmBlack
2543110m x 124cmGrey
2543010m x 124cmWhite
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